What is Total Body Shaping?
Total Body Shaping is a fitness program that will get you in the best shape of your life. The 10-week course combines kickboxing, resistance training, and flexibility with a sound nutritional program to provide not just results, but lifestyle changes that can live with, literally!
                                Why does Total Body Shaping Work So Well?
Total Body Shaping works because the program is simple and ‘doable’. Anyone can focus on fitness for 10 weeks and what you learn here you can practice the rest of your life. The course is made up of 50 minute classes that meet 3 times each week for the 10 weeks. Each class concentrates on strength training and cardio kickboxing so the pace is fast and fun. You can choose either mornings (Monday-Wednesday - Friday) at 6:05 am or 930 am . The only thing you need to do is get started

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Reasons to
Join Total Body Shaping

Proven program with over 10 years

You will take control of your Life

You will develop lifetime friendships

You will never feel out if place

You will receive personal

Affordable personal training
You will look and feel Great

Class Times
Total Body Shaping.
Classes 50 minutes

Morning Classes
6:05 am. Monday
6:05 am. Wed 
6:05 am. Friday

412 Lake Ave

St.James NY

      Nicole Before
Nicole After 23 Lbs 10 weeks
Donna Before
Donna After 60 lbs
           Heather Before
Heather 45 lbs After

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Chuck Before
Chuck After 31lbs 11inches
John Before
John After 24lbs 14 inches
Sam Before
Sam After